Monday, February 22, 2010

after the snow

they fell by thousands
dancing through the air, here and there
never seeming to collide
coreographed by Someone
their time
so short
so beautiful

would it were
that we could float
without a clash
through time and space
content with our part

how lovely it would be


  1. I love this picture! Reminds me sooo much of grandma & grandpa's when we would all of us grandkids would bundle up and head out for another adventure at grandmas! So many times we walked across their creek when it was iced over - thinking we were real courageous! What memories...

  2. Thanks, Louise. I knew you would like this one. And my DEAR KC! So nice to hear from you. I loved what you wrote about Grandma's...I have those same memories of that creek. It was wonderful to hear that you neices and nephews experienced the same sense of "adventure" that i had so many years earlier and that i'm sure Grandma also experienced when she was a girl. Thanks for posting. :)