Friday, March 19, 2010


the subject of this
morning's e-mail
“shine sun, shine!”
a friend cheering on the spring like day

so cold
rainy and
dreary has it been
months on end

but alas
the weatherman was right
and spring
like a shy lass
shows her face

more rain and sleet to come
this weekend

after being out and about
i’m struck by the countenance
of most everyone i see

a visible lifting of their souls
along with children on the playground
their voices like so many birds chirping
their coats thrown hither and yon,
two vehicles vied for
my attention

the tattered truck
its bed full of dead leaves
and gnarled branches
ready to be emptied
and the model T
shiny and black
that pulled out of the alley
half a block before me
off with his master
a sheer pleasure ride

the weather binds us
in our frail humanity
brothers and sisters
in blizzard

and the coming of
fresh green

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