Monday, April 19, 2010

crab apple

such a name
for one so beautiful

i bestow on you this morning
the title:
"Lady Apple Angelica"

*I was reminded after writing this of how the Lord often "renamed" people and places. Here are a few examples:

Peter: Rock
James and John: Sons of Thunder
Sarii : Sarah (Princess)
Abram: Abraham (Father of Nations)
Israel shall no more be called "Rejected" but "My Delight"
Those who mourn : Oaks of Righteousness

C.S. Lewis reflected this "renaming" in his classic "The Lion, the Witch, and Wardrobe"
Peter: High King Peter the magnificent
Susan: High Queen Susan the gentle
Edmond: King Edmond the Just
Lucy: Queen Lucy the Valient

Exciting, it is, the thought of being given a new name in heaven. (Rev. 2:17)
Enjoy this beautiful day!

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