Wednesday, April 7, 2010


when the time comes
that dad passes on
to glory beyond

and i find myself
standing in the old garage

looking at things he's left behind

i'll see this rake
and perhaps say something like
"his hands held you
his feet stood in this very soil
when he set you
to rest

oh sacred rake
come stay with me
a conduit
of God's comfort

*a note to my friends who are grieving; I need not say to you, “YES, we grieve” for you know full well that Easter and our Hope of resurrection do not take away all pain. But our Father in Heaven is not one unacquainted with grief. The tears of his children are most precious to Him. Not one tear you shed goes unnoticed by the giver and lover of LIFE. Cry and carry on. You are not alone.

**this ends my Easter series

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