Thursday, May 6, 2010

make believe

she's sleeping
and one mustn't wake

so let's
make ourselves
be still

and take a moment
in our real

to visualize and

this dream
within a dream


  1. Ooohh...Aaahhh... LOVE the look of the ivy in the foreground - I can almost reach out & touch it!! And how sweet the slumbering fairy looks in the haze-y background!! Love the line "this dream within a dream". Your poem reminds me of a quote I have on a Post-it on my mirror: "Sit everyday & find the silence inside yourself." Thank you so much, Terry, for my fairy picture, & thank you for capturing it in your photograph & poem! That makes your gift a triple blessing!!! You are such an inspired & creatively gifted artist!!

  2. Ahhh...but YOU are the artist who placed her in the perfect place to be photographed. She is soooo at home! I'm just capturing YOUR art. Thanks for the encouraging words though. :)Now, it's bedtime and i'm headed for my own sweet dreams. Maybe they will include fairies. :)