Monday, September 27, 2010

ocean reflection

may the ebb and flow of living
soften me

like a quiet seashore
in evening

* "The longer i live, the more my mind dwells upon the beauty and wonder of the world."       ~John Burroughs

** I just returned from a weeklong intensive photography workshop led by Alison Shaw on Martha's Vineyard.  Words fail to convey the richness of the experience.  Wealth gained in knowledge, experience, and relationship. It was a most marvelous adventure. The next several posts will feature images taken during my week there. Hope you enjoy .


  1. You captured the ocean's "pearly" moment - my favorite time on the beach in Hawaii - at a certain time just after sunset. Beautiful!


  2. Kathleen, Thank you! We were shooting the sunset at a beach one evening and several people had come out to watch the sunset. They had wine, cheese, etc. One of my classmates noted however, that after they clapped when the sun went down they all packed up and left. There was such beautiful light lingering. This comment isn't meant to be critical of them (hooray that they took in the sunset at all) but rather a reminder that there is great beauty, as you mentioned, in subtlety as well.