Monday, September 13, 2010

walking the hill

i hadn't walked the hill
in months
but this morning's cool seventies
gave me reason

and a lovely scene it was
overlooking all that prairie
under variegated sky

on the way home
high humidity
caused me
to catch my breath
and while bending down
hands on knees

there on the ground
i saw
the tiniest of spiders
making his way across the gravel

pebbles looking dainty to me
in his path

he mostly went around
but now and then
would enter
into a crevice between
two huge boulders

i’d lose him for a moment
but then he would reappear
scurrying on his way
up and over

i was awed to
see him at all
and what’s more
experience something like adoring

(perhaps because he
reminded me;)

we really are
of a greater story
than you and i see

as we go about our days
over, under
and through

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