Thursday, November 11, 2010


my friend gave me a gift
the other day

she didn't even know

it was in the form
of a

"can that amazing red in the maples
be captured by a camera?"
she asked

well, i thought to myself,
we shall see

of course that "amazing red"
with each shift of the light
but i knew what she meant

so i set out this morning
to do my best
and at least take a nice
 photo for her

i didn't expect all the miracles
along the way

and she never could have known when she asked
that i would be made so much richer
by her simple question

she never could have forseen the shaft of light
through the golden river birch
the duck sunning himself
or the shimmering reflection on the lake

she couldn't have heard my feet shuffling
through the piles and piles of
oak leaves
or felt the autumn breeze
across my face

she couldn't have smelled
the subtle scent of the
distant rain

she couldn't have
wouldn't have

*Besides an amazing day out in nature, i came home with some lovely imgaes as a result of my friend's question.  We should all voice our "wonder" every chance we get.....and perhaps we should voice it often in the form of a question.  Who knows where a simple question might take someone. :)

**"Sometimes questions are more important than answers."  ~Nancy Willard

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  1. Terry,
    With words from your soul and a camera in in your hand you are on a journey down the road less travelled with Robert Frost. Enjoy the discovery!