Sunday, November 21, 2010

potato diggers

it's sitting on the mantle

before that
it hung
above my reading chair

for fifteen years
i've seen it almost
every day

and have never tired
of looking at it

how did you do that
mr. henry?

how did you paint a scene
that would find it's way
from bonnie ireland
to the open kansas prairie

to be humbly admired
fifty years after you
passed on?

thank you for taking up your paintbrush
using your gift

and blessing

*This photo is of a print entitled The Potato Diggers by Paul Henry (1876-1958).  The original hangs in the National Gallery of Ireland.

**Since this is Thanksgiving Week...this week's postings will feature things i am thankful for. Today's post is to meant to represent my thanksgiving for ART in all it's many and glorious forms. Thanks be to God, the first, and most amazing artist of all.


  1. I am selling my "Potato Digger" on Ebay

  2. I am selling my signed copy of "Potato Digger" on Ebay