Friday, January 21, 2011

january (blue series #5)

january in kansas:
a hidden source
of inspiration

*Taking a moment to share my “new experience (for week 3). We recently had a large snowstorm pass through which left us with 7-8 inches of snow. Last night I decided to do my “new thing” and take our dog, Boone, on an after dark winter walk. Here are some of the highlights:

~ The dazzling stars.
~The absolute stillness.
~The joy of Boone’s enthusiasm at this unexpected outing and seeing snow dust fly in his wake.
~Gasping out loud upon seeing the moon (a colossal orange ball) rising in the east. I’ve rarely, rarely witnessed it so large and beautiful.
~The phrase; the “crest of the moon, on the new fallen snow—gave a luster of midday to objects below” coming to mind.
~Diamonds at my feet.
~Feeling so very alive.

I can only ask, "why don't i do this more often?"

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