Thursday, January 6, 2011


while walking through
my husband's office

i noticed
these quarters
neatly stacked
in front of his
"corkscrew collection" poster

thirty years of marriage
and i never knew
he stacked his quarters!

this morning i smile
thinking of him
coming home
day after day
emptying his pockets

(i wonder where the pennies

*After writing this poem this morning, i asked my husband about the quarters.
"How long have you been stacking them there?"
"Since i started bowling."
Ahhhhhh! His winnings! That would be a year's worth of quarters. So i haven't been quite as blind as i thought. I hadn't seen them in a year...(at least it wasn't thirty!)
And though his little ritual isn't daily, i still smile at the thought of it. :)

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