Friday, January 14, 2011

red jacket #6

when in doubt

*A few days ago while driving through the Barnes and Noble parking lot i saw an elderly woman getting out of her car. She was wearing the most beautiful bright red hat. It was a splash of color in the gray lot and brought an instant smile to my face. I parked and hurriedly got out of my car so i could catch her on her way into the store and tell her how she had brightened my day. As it turned out, she was a woman i had worked with thirty years ago (the librarian at a school). What a delightful surprise for both of us.  She told me she was 94, feeling well, and that the Lord brings her and unexpected blessing almost every day ("like seeing you" she said.)

Moral of the story: When you wear red, you don't know who you might be blessing or how you might be blessed.

Moral #2: When we look for blessings, we find them.

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  1. I loved this story, Aunt Terry. I'll have to share it with Lincoln...we've been talking lately about how when you're friendly you have the opportunity to brighten people's day. :)