Monday, February 28, 2011

comfort food (toast to winter series)


give me soups, and


fill my plate and
soothe my palate


*Last week’s adventure was attending a cooking demonstration at Hyvee (the treat of my friend Jo Ann……thanks Jo Ann :)). We watched the nutritionist prepare healthy comfort foods and then we gobbled them up!! One thing I learned from the demonstration is the advantage of purchasing omega 3 eggs. They cost about 50 cents more a dozen but are filled with lots of good stuff due to the chickens feasting on a diet of flax seed.

Then yesterday I picked up the book The Art of Eating In by Cathy Erway. I’m into chapter three and am enjoying it. She began a blog a couple of years ago to record her experiences around the commitment she made to give up restaurant meals, take out, and fast food for two years. (She lives in New York City so this is no small feat.) It’s a fun read!

Enjoy something tasty today.

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