Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a little winter wonder (toast to winter series)

look at you
perched on the very top
of almost


  1. Dear Terry,
    I was thinking about you today as I was rushing off to work. Driving down Auburn road I always do a little sightseeing, hoping to see some wildlife or just enjoying the wonderful patch of country we live in. Thank you so much for spending a year on your blog and then for continuing on. Even if we don't talk for a few days or so I always end my day by checking in to absorb what you have seen through your eyes that morning. By starting your day the way you do I can now finish mine with inspiration from you. Thank you!

  2. Marsha,
    What a lovely note to find this morning...a definite boost to the day. When i read it, i pictured you driving down Auburn Road as you described, and i knew that you would indeed be "taking in" the beauty that surrounded you. I have no doubt that you "pass on" all the good you see as you go about your day. Thanks for your example of "breathing deep of life."