Wednesday, February 9, 2011

snow settles on the pasture (toast to winter series)

and when i looked
on the morning snow

i saw
the grasses

*What a beautiful morning it is, after last night's fresh snow; a good day to celebrate beauty. In addition to celebrating beauty today, my husband and i are celebrating something else. Thus, the following addition to this post: :)


today is my wedding

i dug out this photo
taken on our wedding day
thrity one years ago

a dashing pair
don't you think?

we had a spring in our step
a bit of flair
and an air
for adventure

we "hit" the slopes
on our honeymoon
or should i say
i "hit" and he picked up

and through the years
he's taught me
a lot more
than skiing

now, nearing sixty
we're slowing down some
on long winter nights
we can have fun

snuggling in
watching it snow
and just keeping warm
when it's 15 below!

Happy anniversary honey!


  1. Happy Anniversary you two love birds!

  2. so sweet! hope you guys had a great day!

  3. Happy Anniversary a "couple" of days late! You are the "couple" we all hope to be like.