Monday, March 28, 2011


"it was my
she said

"and i want
you to have it

it has the colors
of your

*My beautiful and creative friend Marsha came over Saturday. She’s starting a “side business” called “Shop Your Closet” She helps women assemble outfits from the things in their closets that they have accumulated but don’t quite know how to wear. We played for around 3 hours in my closet and I am so exicted about the outfits that were already there but I had not thought to put together. It’s her gift. On top of her wonderful “style” input, she gifted me with a sweater, some slacks and this wonderful broach of her grandmothers. I’ve maybe worn a pin three or four times in my life…..but this one I will wear proudly and often. It will be a symbol of continually leaving negative things behind and embracing that which is good and right and true. 

Observing Marsha use her artistic talent in the area of clothes, color, and style reminded me of this quote:
“Somehow, we humans are never happier than when we are expressing the deepest gifts that are truly us.”  ~Os Guiness

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  1. Love you Terry. A smile and a tear to end the day. Thank you.