Saturday, March 12, 2011

tin shed (kansas from a car, scenes from I-70)

oh, give me a home
where there is
character in the land

stone posts
tin sheds
and forever

the smell of the

*My adventure this past week was strapping pieces of wood to my feet and pointing them down a mountain. It has been a few years since we have gone skiing so I thought it qualified as something “new”.  However, I discovered that driving through Kansas on I-70 to Colorado presented another “new” experience: photographing “while in motion”.  The pictures in the following series were taken from the car as it sped down the highway at a little over 75 mph.  I deleted many photos but came up with a few that I am pleased with. Most of the images were taken on a slow shutter speed…thus, the enhanced sense of motion. Hope you enjoy.


  1. This is neat!!!!!! Got to try it.

  2. Hi harold....I've had so much fun working on these images. try. It's really fun as the process is very loose and freeing. :)

  3. oooohhh I love this too!! were you moving the camera too? very very cool to look at. I like the series terry.

  4. Hi Melinda....yes, i moved the camera on some...used a slow shutter speed. I really just experimented. I was trying really hard to get some good trucks. But they were more difficult. Thanks for your comment.