Friday, April 29, 2011

while on the subject of fire

Last week i took an unusual and interesting walk through a pasture not far from my house. I had never walked it before but something bid me crawl over the barbed wire fence and stroll onto the vast piece of property before me. The large acreage had been burned off the week before:

and thus still presented a charred and surreal scene:

The day was overcast and misty and I felt as though I could be in Scotland on the moors or in Ireland on the burren. What a marvelous decision; to walk on that lonely day in that lonely place. (…my “new thing” for the week….though I didn’t see any “no trespassing signs” I felt a bit adventurous climbing through the fence.)

More images of that walk to follow in the next few postings.

* "I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits, unless I spend four hours a day at least - and it is commonly more than that - sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, absolutely free from all worldly engagements." ~Henry David Thoreau

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