Friday, May 13, 2011

panes (off the beaten track in Kansas City)

the old warehouse
stood silent

and alone

her purpose
supposedly gone

but one spring morning
she caught the eye of a woman
wanting to "see"

*This week’s adventure was a free morning in Kansas City with my camera. I dropped my husband off in an older section of town for an educational seminar at a lumber company. It was my plan to spend a couple of hours with the camera just exploring. I only made it a few blocks before I had to turn around and park beside an old empty warehouse. I probably could have spent the full two hours on that building alone. But, I was also eager to see what lay “beyond”.

This series will feature some shots that I took within a short distance of the lumber company because I just kept seeing such interesting things!! I think I could spend the rest of my life in kansas city and never be finished shooting. :0 (In fact, I could probably spend the rest of my life within a 2 mile radius in Kansas City and still be finding things to “see”.)

**Yesterday there were some problems with thus two postings in one day. :)

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