Thursday, July 7, 2011

fence posts (man made patterns series)

This image was captured along Interstate 70. The man made rows of fence posts add an interesting layer to the lines of the landscape and horizon. When man and nature work hand in hand the results are pleasing to the eye as well as to the soul.

*If you happen to follow the blog on a regular basis, you've noticed a lapse in postings. This was due to technical problems. I'm returning to the "man-made patterns series" for a few more postings and then will be on to something new. As i've already completed my intial year's worth of daily postings there may be other "break" periods to come. If and when, i decide to discontinue the blog, however, i will post something to that effect. So keep checking in, until then. :) Thanks for taking time in your day to check it out.

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  1. Terry,
    Thank you for sharing a bit of the fun creative parts of your day.