Monday, July 25, 2011

ravished and regal

I took these two images on my walk yesterday morning. Today I juxtapose them as an illustration of suffering and beauty… often found side by side. When I saw the remains of the leaf ravished by the locust I couldn’t help but think of the tragedy in Norway we all heard about on the news this week. How many families there have been stripped of the life they were enjoying. How many dreams vanquished? Thinking of it, is almost more than one can bear. As I wrote to a friend in an e-mail recently:

I come back to beauty in the midst of such news. The fact that there is such beauty in the world speaks of something beyond hurt and tragedy. And i love the verse in Phillipians that speaks about thinking on things that are good, right, true, and beautiful. Of course, we can't help but be faced with the tragic and thus must think on it as well....BUT coming back to the "beautiful" is a balm to the soul.

As I view the photo of my neighbor’s horse this morning, I am struck by the compassion i see through the softness of her muzzle and eyes. Her expression, is truly a comforting thing.

I hope you are comforted today.

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