Friday, October 14, 2011

Boston Impressions (Copley Square....the people)

The library, Trinity Church, and the Prudential building are all great sights to see at Coplely Square. But it was people watching I enjoyed the most. I loved seeing the people I’ll be featuring in the next few posts. How I wish I could get to know them all. Which leads me to say a thanks to God for a friend I met several years ago who had a profound and grace giving effect on my life. I haven’t seen him in years but learned today of his sudden passing while in Costa Rica. I’ll feature a picture at the end of today’s post in his honor.

While sitting in front of the library I noticed this gentleman sitting there too. I wonder what his story is:

This is just the type of person that my friend Mike Wells would be so comfortable with. Mike literally traveled the world over sharing the love of God with people. I met him when I was in college at KSU and I have never met anyone before or since who exuded such love and enthusiasm for life and for sharing the love of God with others. He hand engraved a leather cover for a study Bible and gave it to me as a gift those many years ago. It has been my closest treasure ever since. I pray this day for his beautiful wife Betty and his three children.

                                If you would like to learn more about Mike see:

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