Saturday, October 22, 2011

Boston Impressions (Scenes from the Subway)


racing through

or a colorful tunnel
called history

holding on
to what we do
and what we think
ourselves to be

contemplating and
waiting for
our final destination
to be called

before stepping

*I had fun experimenting with my camera while riding the “T” as they call it in Boston. I was hoping to capture the various feelings one experiences while on the t. I liked this image as it caught “speed”, “aloneness”, “togetherness,” and something I can’t quite name but find intriguing. …something about time and eternity. It (the image) reminds me that i can be sitting still with strangers, speeding through a dark tunnel, while the world spins on its axis and circumnavigates the sun while the whole galaxy flies through space. Puts things in perspective. :) I'm glad it's not "my" holding on that keeps all things together. :)

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