Monday, November 14, 2011

kansas in november

 a cold breeze
carries golden leaves
as pheasants head to roost

bright orange pumpkins
left unpicked
go soft

as does the light
of evening

so many sacred things

in november

* I took a morning drive today with the express purpose of taking some images during my favorite month of the year. I ended up at Reece's Apple farm and took the two photos you see in today's blog. They are both from the mural painted on the front of Reece's building. The fact that the paint was chipping and peeling only added to my pleasure of this scene. It brought back so many memories of growing up on the farm. I hope you are enjoying a lovely november wherever you are.


  1. Terry,
    I had forgot how soothing my morning can begin when I put on my Celtic Meditation music and open "Slice of Life, Images and Thoughts..."
    Your pointed photography and touching thoughts allow me to once again enjoy the small beautiful items of life.

  2. Hello my good friend! Are you home from your travels??? I'm thinking so since you are back to coffee, music, and (how honored i am)...slices of life. I've missed you. Hope you have had great trips. Send me some photos!!!