Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Reflections

Our true life lies at a great depth within us. Our restlessness and weaknesses are in reality merely strivings on the surface.
                                            ~Emanuel Swedenborg

Welcome back dear reader,
or, perhaps I should welcome myself, the writer gone astray
maybe better put, the writer who has been restless and
striving on the surface.

No matter,
for this day,
i’m back to the love of words,
and divine order.

*(If your day is filled with restlessness, relax and let the depths rise within.)


  1. Love this beautiful photograph Terry. Wonderful eye. Orange punch is perfect. I am in Nashville right now and going crazy enjoying the cascading colors of the trees. I don't see this in Mexico. Best, Harold

  2. Harold, It so does my heart good to hear from you and know that you are out there beholding the glory and capturing it in fantastic ways. Do share some of your Nashville shots. Best back to you.

  3. My dear friend....
    You are never gone
    never gone astray
    just regenerating
    and we will wait