Sunday, December 4, 2011

December grasses (2nd chances series)

ok, so i sit here this morning
in a delimma

after all, it's well into December
and soon we'll pass another year
what pictures shall I choose
to cheer my friends?

what images will best reflect
the truth, goodness, and beauty
of His humble birth

ahh, it’s come to me
that like the little drummer boy
i can offer what I have

i can give my best
and leave the stress

so here’s to December
the month to remember
all that’s been given to me

to pass it along
to another
to give my brother 

a reason to smile
a reason to pause

a reason to be

*This month’s posts will be derived from images I have taken through this past year. They will be, for the most part, taken from photos that I have gone back to and taken a closer look at. Photos that might not have impressed me at first but upon giving them a second chance, and my creative instincts, proved to me to be quite beautiful. After all, aren't 2nd chances and transformation what Christmas is all about? Hope you enjoy.

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