Monday, October 27, 2014

exiting and entering

leaving the safety 
of sweet mother's womb
you entered the world
tiny grandson

to see, hear,
taste and

all things new

After meeting sweet Griffin Davis, we left the hospital to pick up his big brother Graham. Just a few blocks down the street i noticed this beautiful entrance to a park. We had time to “exit” the street we were on and “enter” what turned out to be a magical place. The colors and feel of fall were present in exceeding abundance. Who would have known such a place existed right off the busy byway. Ah yes, there are times in our life when we need to “exit” what has become normal to experience something more than we dare imagine. 

"Every exit is an entrance somewhere else. "    anon.

“Enter into the joy of your Master.”  Mt. 25:23

*The photo of Griffen was taken by his beautiful mother, Denise.

The park we visited is Antioch Park in Kansas City.

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