Thursday, January 27, 2011

before sunrise (blue series #11)

before the blaze
of orange

there hangs a haze
of blue

yes, gently
the morning

*This image reminds me of something i read several years ago. I don't remember the book but the author was making a point that one should "go" with one's gifts. She realized that she had longed to impart "enthusiasm" to  the world when, in fact, her gift was "peace." So if you are blue, be blue. If you are orange, be the brightest orange you can be. All the colors are extraordianry and all the colors complement one another in making the world a beautiful place.

**I am including a 2nd photo today as i think it shows such beautiful shades of blue that my series didn't capture.  It is entitled "Art in Ice" and was taken by Harold Green, a friend i met at a photogrpahy workshop last fall. He is an amazing photographer and wonderful inspiration. To see more of the beautiful images he has taken all over the world go to:

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