Friday, January 28, 2011

piano day

Today is my day to go to the Manor where I play piano over the lunch hour for the folks who are in “assisted” living there. I’ve decided it is one of the most important things I do all week. AND, one of the most enjoyable. The following excerpts from my journal reveal some reasons why:

Ed quietly sets the small carton of ice cream on the top of the piano as he sits down beside me. “For you” his eyes twinkle. Such a lovely man —gone on ahead now. But I remember him, oh so clearly. . . singing “Home on the Range”, “Oh, You Beautiful Doll,” and so many others. I’ve never known a nicer gentleman.

Marjorie is almost blind. She needs her walker too. She makes her way some days across the dining room just to say “thanks for coming”. She’s expressed her doubts to me, in tiny little snippets. Marjorie is honest, tenacious, and tender in a strong way. To sum it up, she’s wonderful.

Mike loved the Irish tunes—but I remember him best for singing “Silent Night ” in German. What a lovely rich voice he had. I hardly noticed the oxygen canister, hoses and wheelchair.

*The image above is an illustration by Pierre Le-Tan from the book Lessons for Grown-ups from Children’s Books. Quotations collected by Amy Gash. The quote at the bottom of the illustration is this:

“Find something to make his heart sing, little one…For an old man that is the best gift.”
                          ~Sumi’s Special happening, Yoshiko Uchida, 1966

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  1. What wonderful thoughts and memories. The folks are the highlight of my days too.
    Thank you Terry