Saturday, January 29, 2011

that january morning (to the west)

is almost

i daresay
i will
miss her

she has been nothing
but good
to me

*One morning, this past week I woke to a wonderland of blue haze. The picture above is the scene I saw from my living room window. I hurriedly grabbed a jacket and my camera and slipped on my husband’s house shoes. Fog has always intrigued me and I knew the landscape would be changing every second as the sun made her way onto the scene. The next few days will feature the landscape around my house “that January morning”. I hope you enjoy.

**The photo below features my adventure for week #4….making those fabulous chocolate chip zuchinni muffins in my brand new “muffin top pan”. After all, an adventure doesn’t have to be BIG, COSTLY, or EXTRAVAGANT…(though those are fun too.) An adventure can be the smallest and coziest of things.

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  1. Beautiful shot. I can smell them from here.