Wednesday, February 2, 2011

february's arrival (a toast to winter #1)

like a
son of the arctic

february arrived
in a flurry
of white

*I’m one of those “winter” people. I love a snowy day, the excuse to stay home, and the beauty I see in barrenness. Since we are half way through our winter season, I would like to share several images during the month of February that I hope show the hidden beauty of these cold and sometimes harsh months. Hope you enjoy my “toast to winter”.  All the photos will be “Kansas” shots. (There’s no place like home. ) J


  1. Hi Terry,

    I just wanted to stop in here and say 'Hi' and congratulate you on over a years worth of daily blogging. What a momentous achievement! I'm pleased to see that you've kept right on going.

    I enjoy stopping by to read your poem of the day and to see the photograph that you've posted. It's amazing how we all look at the same things and yet we see very differently. I enjoyed your winter photograph today and look forward to the rest in the series.

    Congratulations again on a year of blogging.


  2. Hey Andy!!! So great to hear from you. Seeing your name brought back our special week at M.V. Thanks for taking time to comment on the blog....I understand my creative and supportive family have been into my e-mail account! :) They are a great group of encouragers. :) I imagine your young family is growing up fast.... Bet you are getting some great pictures of them. Thanks again for checking in on the blog. It was a pleasure getting to know you last fall. Best Wishes. terry

  3. It's good to be surrounded by boosters! We all need a lift every day.