Thursday, February 3, 2011

in the evergreens (toast to winter series)

"Standing in the valley
With the mist coming in,
Berries grow on holly bushes.
Robins hide in snow-ridden woods.
If i could stay here, I would."
                   ~Bethan Williams

*I didn't see a robin, but i saw a cardinal tucked in tightly among the evergreens. :)


  1. Terry,
    ... and so as the morning sun creeps over the tips of the mountaintops, another day dawns here in San Miguel de Allende. A steaming cup of coffee gently rests next to one of my communication companions. Our home radiates to the soothing sounds of "Songs from a Secret Garden". Gentle strings and keys kiss my ears. My eyes feast on another wonderful, thought provoking image from the heart of Kansas, created by a woman I met on an island in a workshop for photographers. Over the past three months I discovered that her gifts and enthusiasm are boundless. Her images explore the touching, small details of her life. Her pen pours forth insights from her soul. Her fingers explore the black and white ivory on a keyboard of gentle music.

    Terry, I deeply appreciate you making a twelve-month commitment to communicate your creativity through your new blog. I always look forward to enjoying my mornings with your creative portfolio "Slice of life, images and thoughts..."

  2. Harold, It makes me smile to think of you sitting in warm sunny Mexico, writing me such a wonderful word of encouragement while you sip your morning coffee. You are tooooooo kind. :) Hearing from Andy yesterday, and you today is making me homesick for our class! :)Wasn't it a marvelous week!

    I am feeling quite humbled by these wonderful notes of encouragement. I fear by the end of the month someone will be needed to come and peel me up off the floor!!!

    Thank you for your continued support and friendship. They are both much appreciated. terry