Monday, April 11, 2011

red barn (walking in april)

i drive by the red barn

but when i walk

i view her from

nestled in among
the trees

*Ah, April….a beautiful month for walking. Spring is wakening and each day the color changes; some days subtly and other days quite dramatically. Today’s entry kicks off the series “walking in April”. I hope, as you view the images I post, you will feel as though you are there yourself. Put on your walking shoes and let’s go.

**This image was taken about a quarter of a mile from my home…down the gravel road and around the bend. :)


  1. walking in april...that works well for me as it's my top speed these days. :) looking forward to the new series. love you.

  2. are really in "countdown" mode now as you can start counting days and not weeks till the baby's arrival!! Glad to hear you are still "walking" and not just "waddling". :) Love you too.