Saturday, July 9, 2011

art in motion (man-made patterns series)

I didn’t want you

From the beginning
I Thought
NO! don’t scatter
Scraps of metal
Across this sacred prairie

Don’t clutter up my view


But now that I see you
I can say

You have
more than one way

to contribute


  1. It's an interesting dilemma isn't it? There are a lot of these wind farms set up around here, scattered in the middle of corn fields, which is the way to do it I think. Since the habitat's already been altered. Better there than in native vegetation. Now they just need to slap some solar panels on those poles and we're really maximizing!

  2. Hi Ash...So nice to hear from you through the blog. You make a good point about putting the windmills in the cornfield as opposed to the natural vegetation. Most of the ones i've seen here in Kansas are in patures at the edge of the flint hills. Yes, an interesting delimma indeed. And aren't there lots of those! :)