Monday, July 11, 2011

droplets (staying cool in July series)

the ground is hard

the cement driveway
too hot
for barefoot

my least favorite time of year

yes, give me winter’s blustery howling
over this smothering humidity

but my house is cool
for that I am grateful

and I am grateful too
that the horrendous heat
has given me reason

to stay inside
and play
with color, shape


*The technical difficulties experienced last week and the weekend visit of an old friend have gotten me out of my groove in regards to the blog. However, because of today’s scorching temperature and high humidity I gave myself permission to “play” with some images I had taken a few months ago. What a marvelous time I’ve had. Looking forward to sharing some fun stuff with you in the days to come as a result of “staying cool in July”. I chose this image to kick off the series as the water droplets remind me of summer showers and the shade of blue is so invitingly cool.

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