Friday, July 29, 2011

heirlooms (Hot Hot July Series)

This morning I met with a group of close friends for coffee. We meet once a month and always have a wide variety of topics to cover during our time together. For example, today’s topics included but were not limited to: Machu Picchu, neighborhood crime, the loss of loved ones, street construction, books we were reading, pickleball, bear attacks, childhood pranks etc.etc.etc. There was much laughter.

When I arrived home later and began to consider a post for today, I came across this photo taken at the farmer’s market. It seemed to fit with my morning experience. These tomatoes are “heirloom” tomatoes and what makes them different is that they are not hybrids. They are tomatoes of the most original kind. Any changes in genetics (unlike most other tomatoes) are strictly from natural cross pollination.

“Hmm, like my friends” I thought……”of the most original kind”. And weren’t we “cross pollinating” this morning?

Heirlooms are sweet, and colorful just like my friends. But if it weren’t for the “heat” of summer, there would be no “ripening”. There would be no “yield.” So thanks July. Perhaps you have a good part to play in my life, after all.

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