Sunday, November 20, 2011

ode to a grill

Oh rusty grill
I see you
Standing guard

Yes, vital

And attractive

Such things you must have seen

I imagine you on country roads
Ambling past sunflowers and

Then years gone by and you are
Heading down the highway
Meeting sleek silver specialty grills

Gorgeous in design

If you had a hat you
Would tip it
To them

Appreciating their style and

You would not think of changing places

You have seen too much
You have too many memories
Both good and bad
Envy does not even seek to enter through
Your bars

How I so

Appreciate you

*Do you suppose that my entering a new decade has anything to do with my recent posts???? :):) I imagine so…..but no matter. I do  love old trucks, cars, and anything with rust. I always have. I hope you can see some beauty in them too. Thanks for checking in.

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