Monday, November 21, 2011

tiny one

winter is coming, oh
little one

but your feathers are not ruffled
in the least

for your tiny feet
are settled
in the twinkling

of the here


*Good great morning to whomever is out there! I stepped out onto the deck this morning. The sky is quite grey today, the air carries the heavy fragrance of moisture. Is there a better smell? It is a true November day and I hear the birds singing and making their way through leafless dry timber. One day soon, I will step out and there will be no birdsong as they will all be tucked under cover of snow. What a joy these tiny creatures are. What wonderful lessons they have to teach us. Today, I’ll be thinking of this little one and of the words: “not a sparrow falls without His knowing…..”


  1. Great photo how the coloring in this birdie's feathers are picked up in the color of the leaves...and how you caught the ripple of the this one!!