Thursday, December 1, 2011

november farewell

i took my walk at twilight
to say goodbye

november kissed my cheek
with her evening chill

and calmed my heart 
with her pastel sky

execpt for the raucous
flock of crows
who seemed in grief

i heard no sound
no falling leaf


  1. Terry... how so very perfect. To begin my Christmas season with reflection, my tradition on December 1 is to listen to my many versions of the beautiful song Silent Night. This morning I filled my den with the sounds of choirs from all over the world. Then I opened "Slice of Life", and there you were richly reflecting and saying farewell to November with your camera and pen. Neat way to start my day. Thanks. Harold

  2. Thank you Harold. I think your December 1st tradition is a marvelous idea. Love it. I have yet to put on my Christmas music but will do so soon. I especially like your idea of listening to several versions of Silent Night, one of my favorites. Have a great day.