Friday, December 2, 2011

wooden carolers

two little wooden girls
standing in a yard

decked in pretty coats and
and soft and fuzzy scarves

the purity of their presence
on this cold December morn
reminds me of the baby child
twas in a manger born

some things
are worth singing about
and standing in the cold

some things are more precious
than hoards of hidden

*Ahhh, if there were ever a month of celebration, it would be December. I hope you enjoy the “little” things that this month brings your way. So often we are in such a hurry with our “to do” lists this month that we miss seeing and hearing the simplicity of the story we are celebrating.

My goal this month is to really look into people’s eyes; especially those who serve me, like the boy sacking my groceries, or the salvation army bell ringer, or my husband whose eyes I see every day…..but do I really see them? (I think these two little wooden girls have fabulous eyes.) Have fun really "seeing" whatever is on your heart this month.

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