Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Rainy Day Sunday

I awoke Sunday morning to a thin blanket of snow on the ground.  Even at sixty two I find that to be a magical experience. I dressed quickly so I could get out for a walk before the soft rain we were getting melted it all away. Then I hopped in the car and drove to Somesville where I enjoyed another enriching service with the parishioners at the Somesville United Church of Christ Meeting House. . The reading that accompanied the lighting of the advent candle was about Hope and was especially encouraging. I don’t think one can be reminded about “hope” too often. J

That afternoon I set off for another “rainy day walk”. As the Jordan Pond road was closed I chose  the “ shore path” at Bar Harbor. Though the sky was grey and the day drizzly, I found walking alone in the rain to be quite invigorating.  There is such beauty in the subtle softness of gray trees and distant hills.
It has been said, “The art of art is simplicity.” I would agree. There are many wonderfully complex works of art but I am always drawn to those that are the most pure and unadorned. 

These images were taken on a simple rainy day…..not much color, not much texture like the last images I shared. But look closely for the beauty in the lines, and in the sublte layers. There is more to a gray day that at first meets the eye.  Blessings and Hope to you.

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