Monday, December 2, 2013

Raymond, Belfast, and harbor shots.....

Fri. morning I met a new friend through the coffee group. Raymond heard me asking about the price of real estate in the area and asked if I’d like to see a house his ex-wife was trying to sell. “Sure, ” I said. I don’t foresee buying a house here in the near future but I always like seeing homes and am interested in the home market since my husband is a builder. 

Raymond’s ex-wife welcomed me in and took me on a tour. It was fun to meet her and see her lovely house.  (I could certainly see making a home in this beautiful community but the ties of family and friends at home are strong. Hopefully this trip will be repeated in years to come.)

On our way back to town Raymond took me by his home and introduced me to his dog. (Her name escapes me. But  she had a very sweet name and was a very sweet animal.)  It was so interesting to learn a little of Raymond’s life story; beginning  at the docks in Boston and eventually owning his own semis  with which to haul lumber.  He still cuts lumber to sell to local people for firewood. Raymond reminds me of my dad in more ways than one; slight of build, quiet, and quick witted. He took me by some new construction which I found interesting as well. Thanks go to Raymond for a fun educational morning.

Saturday I drove to Belfast which is a bustling little town full of wonderful art galleries and other interesting stores. Since it is on the mainland and farther south, most of the stores stay open year round while here on MDI most shut down for winter. I found myself missing my Topeka monthly coffee group (the “CafĂ© Dobles” as we’ve dubbed ourselves). They would have so enjoyed seeing all the fantastic art galleries.

As for image making, I have found myself hanging out more at the harbors and literally “focusing”  on the vast array of colors and textures one can see there.  Hope you enjoy:

"All colours are the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites." 
                                                                     ~Marc Chagall

Texture is the most enduring and ubiquitous underpinning of form...certainly a calming meditative and appealing world for both the eye and mind.  ~ Linda Lehmann

Hope you see lots of color and texture today.


  1. Terry, I have really enjoyed following your blog. Your endeavors are inspiring for sure! Your stories and photos are splendid. I can tell you are in your element. And I am also sure that all the wonderful people you are meeting are just as blessed by you as you are by them.

    1. Thanks Tracy! I'm so glad you have been along for the journey so to speak. It has meant a lot to share this experience with friends and family at home. Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas.