Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lois and lines.......

I had a lovely day yesterday with Lois Leavenworth.  I first met Lois as the Detroit airport as we were boarding the plane for Bangor. We quickly exchanged numbers and said we would touch base sometime during my month long stay.  She treated me to a tour of N.E. Harbor and some side roads I had missed on the island. A fantastically energetic lady and an amazing artist. Thanks so much Lois!!

Speaking of art. Today’s images have to do with lines.

Matisse said:
"Remember a line cannot exist alone; it always brings a companion along. Do remember that one line does nothing; it is only in relation to another that it creates a volume."



  1. This had been awesome to read and observe what you took in...I can only imagine how wonderful it was in first person.